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February 16, 2006

Release candidate on Linux for 0.5.11

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OK working on the release candidate now, the Shadows topbar went away, still working with partners to make our stuff all good but we didn’t get enough testing time in

  1. New blog editor, with more clean simple html
  1. editing works
  2. tags don’t work
  3. categories work
  4. test test test
  5. test
  • cookies
    1. drag from photo topbar
    2. login works
    3. my contacts show up
  • Photo Uploader
    1. tags work
    2. rotate works
    3. descriptions works
    4. upload works
    5. computer-demo.png
  • Top Bar selector
    1. some focus issues on my linux box, but works for most other people, hiting return selects item, as does double-clicking
  • maps
    1. can drag address to it
    1. get title from web page
  • Manually Add Address works
  • bug properties, the both the Address field and the Title field are name "Address"
  • Toggle Size works
  • zoom in and out
  • Shelf
    1. dragging works
    1. Babies have a rudimentary grasp of maths long before they can walk or talk, say scientists.

      BBC NEWS | Science/Nature

    2. quoting works!
  • This shows the add Note feature works
  • sorting works
  • Clear All works
  • Technorati Converstations
    1. current page gets loaded when the tab opens
    2. Get Conversations works on current page
    3. drag URL works
    4. Comment on your blog, uses native blog editor with default blog, with link reference
    1. no default tags
  • links to blogs work
  • Collections top-bars
    1. bug overly large collection (wider than window) such as Imported Items, causes constant resizing
    2. Switch works
    3. dragging link to the bar works
    1. link gets started
    1. bug the star does not turn orange
  • link gets added to collection
  • bug rss feed does not get detected so no menu shows up
  • re-ordering works
  • right click menu
    1. open works
    2. open new tab works
    3. open in new window works
    4. Properties
    1. Name (rename works0
    2. description (added)
    3. tags (new tag added), zeroing tag works
    4. incude in: selected two collections
    5. share this favorite: show with my other computers
  • delete works
  • buttons
    1. back: works
    1. right click shows history
  • forward: works
    1. right click shows history
  • home: works
    1. right click show customize
  • new blog post: works (newtab)
    1. right click shows customize
  • favorites manager:works (newtab)
    1. right click shows customize
  • favorite manger: works new tab
  • star: works

    1. Star this page: works
    2. Star and tag: works
    3. unstar this page: works
    4. add to collection: work URL bar
    1. entering location works
    2. single word does google I feel lucky search
  • search box
    1. correct order
    2. searches work
    1. full text search
    2. history
    3. favorites
    1. RSS viewer
    1. sort by topic, this is a very cool feature and it does work
    2. sort by date works
    3. headlines only works
    4. collapsing groups works
    1. Favorites manager
    1. sorting
    1. bug type does not work
    2. bug sort by tag does not work correctly
    3. sorting otherwise works
  • history view works
  • collections work
    1. create new collection
    2. drag multiple items to collection!
    3. view collection rss view
    1. view rss feeds for collection works
    2. can switch to view jsut by one feed source
    1. clicking type does shange public vs. private on shadows.
    1. Preferences
    1. switching online bookmark services: works
    1. cancel is just keep the old service, still get browser restart
    2. no cancel bug
  • putting the blog editor in a tab works
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    February 14, 2006

    Filed under: WIP — rslomkow @ 8:05 pm

    0.5.11 is not out yet…. but a new feature showed up at the last minute that Flock engineers didn’t even have to weary their eyes and tired fingers on.


    cleanups are still coming, despite trials and tribulations with what it means to merge. 

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    January 19, 2006

    WIP: Jan 19

    Filed under: WIP — rslomkow @ 4:54 pm

    grumbling days. Builds broken on my desktop, and other people’s, but working fine on the build servers, makes me think it is more gcc-4 vs gcc-3.x issues.

    I have been messing around with trying to get the Mac Builds to be able to build Intel (Universal Binaries) I think it is working, but it seems to break support for older version of 10.3 (before 10.3.9) and I have not figured out a solution to fail gracefully on platforms with the wrong version of libc. There must be something I can do in the NextStep world to send a message.

    Was working on tracking down the change of the profile directory into a new heirarchy, but that is not doing well, also need to change the User-Agent, simple change but now that we are changing the version number we might as well do that .

    January 4, 2006

    WIP: Jan 4

    Filed under: WIP — rslomkow @ 8:03 pm

    today has been kind of a loss.  I have spent a innapropriatly large amount of time doing forensic analysis of our source control.  The changeset of doom is ead72eaef523553ea5155c9afe61c76e3e4fcc42 despite one of its parents having the mac/mimeTypes.rdf it does not.  How Anthony managed to do that merge without the file and without noticing it is the source of much trouble.  This means he accidently reverted Manish’s change.

    Now anthony did not introduce this error, it was introduced earlier by some of the confused merging between Ian and Andy, but I am more troubled by somone merging and accidently reverting someone elses changes.  The Ian and Andy merges were many and confusing the chance of something going wrong was high, and because in mercurial doesn’t require you to explictly remove a file (if you just rm it, then commit it is then it is gone and it doesn’t show up as a modified file in the ChangeLog).

    Everybody using mercurial should have hgk


    I have not been able to fully reproduce what happened.  My current advice is that everyone explicitly name the changeset they are changing merging to and do a diff to make sure they are doing what they intend.

    The big problem is that once you begin to branch, files that you have not touched, but somebody else on a divergent branch has touched appear to be modified and you don’t want to check in your modified (ie older files)

    I wish I had a good way of making this clear to everyone, but I don’t yet.  So far everything I look at implies that our tool is working as deseigned, but we all have to be release engineers and worry about how we are handeling our branches on a much deeper level than with centralized source control.

    All my bugs are out of UI complete, but that doesn’t mean that I have an easy workload.  I am taking Friday off, so I geuss I will need to be working on Saturday to take out some easy bugs.

    January 3, 2006

    WIP: Jan 3

    Filed under: WIP — rslomkow @ 10:00 pm

    Working on the confusion with multiple tips in mercurial.  The problem is not mercurial it is a problem with distributed source control.  We keep having developers who start producing an anonymous branch in their local repository.  Then there is the problem of when does that merge back to the tip on the master repository?  This doesn’t happen automagically because there is no concept of slave and master other than the way we use it.

    On thing that is a bug in mercurial is that file removals are not logged.  It is just frustrating to watch your commits dissapear, and bugs reopen.

    Also working on the new l10n system with gandalf.  Now we have the overlay of svn and cvs files in $b/flock/l10n, need to have gandalf finish making that work, but locale_set now does what we planned yesterday.

    More sysadmin work on our build storage server, should last a few more weeks before it fills up.  Creating a thinning script would help, but we still need more disk space.  We also need a real sysadmin, our problem is that we have a bunch of work for a real unix server guy, but I think only a couple of months of work.  Some day we need to have someone in charge of IT as well.

    Anthony took my ugly windows bugs yay.

    Still have  bunch of work for the 15th.

    December 12, 2005

    WIP:Dec 11

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    I have these bugs to work on, but that barely caputes my work.
    My big tasks just get listed here.

    1. setup svn server for localization
      ( &
    2. setup source history from mercurial to tinderbox
      (been thinking it would be easier to make the mercurial changelog look like the subversion changelog)
    3. determine how to change precedence of chrome.jar files
      (I have been reading docs and gettin nowhere)
    4. setup a branding system, so it is easy for people to get customized flock
      (big project, setup some outlines)
    5. setup a generic real-time stats graphing program
      (something rrd/web based, super simple to add data)
    6. setup time-based changelog program for mercurial
    7. migrate our components code out of browser
    8. change the user-agent to not include Firefox

    December 2, 2005

    Dec 2nd

    Filed under: WIP — rslomkow @ 9:25 pm

    OK today was upgrading to Firefox 1.5 Release.  Took longer than I had hope.  Current process is to make a diff of two cvs checkouts and then apply those to the repository, not that many conflicts between rc2 and release.

    Working on getting commit mails showing up

    1. need to forge sender
    2. need to attach a patch as an attachment
    3. need a html version with links to bugzilla

    Working on learning the mercurial source
    Cleaning up build instructions for windows while helping Andrew on irc.
    Future dreams:

    1. architect branding processes
    2. spec new branding system
    3. finish commit mails
    4. figure out my flight


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