Software\’s whipping boy

Robin * Slomkowski

Robin * Slomkowski (middle name is Star, need to go out for a drink with me to get the full story with Hippy parents, incompentant clerks, and confusing passport officials to find out where name comes from.) Currently I live in and work in Berlin, Germany.

I have been working in the technology sector since High School, where I worked in Biotech, and the Internet in 1991. I have worked at a number of startups in the Silicon Valley and currently am trying to help Nokia get Internet services to public quickly as a Cloud Automation & Tools Solution Architect.

I am a supporting techy, work in software tools, build release managment, write many programming languages poorly, and a few well. And despite being from the engineering side I have no fears of dealing with partnerships, marketing, and sales. I specialize in esoteric knowledge be it of the software world or the history of ideas.

In my freetime when I manage to find it I like Freediving, Mt. Bike riding, reading (world classic, history, economics, and philosophy), chatting with people in Kneipen (especially about the topics on the reading list, and cultural differences), and hacking on strange little network projects.

and yes the rumours are true, I mostly wear shorts in anything about 12 degrees C, and mis-matching brightly colored socks with sandals.
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  1. Lieber Robin,

    das Interview mit Dir heute auf dem Barcamp hat mich so nachhaltig beschäftigt, dass ich mir nun bereits das dritte Mal Flock installiert habe, um es die nächsten Monate zu testen. Deine Antworten im Interview und Deine Engagement haben mich sehr beeindruckt.

    Vielen Dank für den Input und alles Gute,


    Comment by Volker Agüeras Gäng — November 4, 2007 @ 7:50 pm

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    Robin * Slomkowski | Software\’s whipping boy

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