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November 1, 2007

Flock 1.0!

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It is here, the Flock 1.0!

Now you can just browse the web and have your friends and Media with you wherever you go.

It works differently for different people, if you are a super power social media user it makes your life easier.  If you are like me and think stuff is fun, but have difficulty remembering to login to Facebook and your email box is way too full to pay attention to Flickr, now your notifications are just part of you daily user experience.

All the old Flock favourite features are still there, the ability to store referenced notes, the blogger, drag and drop.

But now it is even easier to actually find stuff and more things than every before just work.  Try it out.  It is a good .0 piece of software and once you use it for a week you miss your connections to everything else on the web when you are using another browser.

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