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June 28, 2006

Where have all the branches gone i18n & flock

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Just going through branch confusion here.  The cardinal release is going on and we are preparing for another minor update.  At the same time it is beginning to diverge from trunk (274 Files changed, 17,513 lines of code changed for added), which is getting low testing coverage at the moment.  The plan is after the next set of minor releases to merge branches/cardinal back into trunk (hopefully by Monday July 3rd, but we will see what other emergencies pop up.)

The current branches/cardinal-i18n-phase1 branch is literally only for copying spellbound locale names to mozilla localal names ie: “pl-PL ” become “pl”.  This is just so that contributers can see that their localizations work.  Once the localizations mostly work and after the next cardinal release we will then release the Internationalized version of Cardinal, that means we know people will be able to localize it.  We will probalby release some build for locale’s officially as well, but it will take a while for my poor little server to cycle through them.

After the merge to cardinal we will do the second phase of internationalizaion, and then second phase of localization and then we will have happy l10n builds of a table version of flock for flockstars around the world! is up as the build status indicator for l10n buils.  Currently only Linux and Windows.  It is doing a full build of the software with the locale set, so it takes quite a while.  Windows even LONGER, as there is no access to a cache and it is running two instances of windows under vmware.  I have some tuning parameters to try to help with the speed.  Namely lowering the allocated RAM so that both vmware instances never has access to more memory than is physically in the system.  And disabeling vmware’s cache (which disables the suspend feature) with “mainMem.useNamedFile=FALSE” it seems to have helped with the other vmware instance by reducing the number of io’s on the server.  The biggest speed savings on our P4 boxes was to disable the use native virtualization flag, though I am still not sure where that is stored, but our Sysadmin Chis Hatty told me that is what he changed to get the biggest speed boost.

I still need to work with Zbigniew to figure out where we are going to place this stuff, the current build deliver system won’t archive as many builds in a public place as we have locale’s.  That is a topic for another post, what to do about build strategys archival, and delivery.  Termie mentioned BuildBot and a I am now seriously considering it, even though it would take much longer to start using it, than to hack the features we currenlty need into fbuilder.

Moving forward we need to make Internationalization a more core part of our work flow.  As it stands people are scared of it and thinks it breaks things.  Maybe Zbiniew needs to run some i18n clinics in California, so developers can do things the right way the first time, rather than have him attempt to fix their code later.

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