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June 26, 2006

Hubert Burda Media Lunch

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Heiko Hebig invited me to a new-technology lunch at his employer Hubert Burda Media.

It is fascinating to see a very traditional publishing business make sure they are not missing out on new trends.  I am used to startups that exist in their own little world where individual interests and contacts drive the company, or calcified companies that don’t believe that anything interesting come from outside of them.  Burda seems to be doing a pretty good job, they see the Web X.0 as a new way to sell and promote their existing products and are having regular lunches with people doing cool new stuff with media technology.

The weeks presenter was Dailymotion, a very cool video blogging/sharing site.  They are currently doing a press tour of Germany looking for partners and attention to be able to enter into the German market.  They make it very easy to upload videos created with lots of crazy formats, they compress it down to a usefull format on the Internet and let you place it in your blog, tag it, mark it private.  I would love to see flock with a video top bar and easy uploading and perhaps pre-compressing on the client like we do with images.  They do support cell phone uploading already.  They also are rapidly working on more language support, so you search for things by language, default protol based on your locale/language.

The technical challenge for them is dealing with lots of strange video formats (like video camera manufacturers that use their own proprietary format per model) and content distribution (caching, tunnelling and trunking).  Bright guys dealing with the right problems.  They use community policing to validate that content is appropriate and the French government protects them as a carrier and they do not have editorial responsabilities.

The audience was a mixutre, editors of different brands (bunt, focus, playboy, tomorrow, and others).   The internal venture group, journalists (online, vlogger, print), PR representatives, and a manager marketing innovations from BMW.

And the lunch was Yummy

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