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March 10, 2006

subversion conversion

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We are switching source control systems once again.  We are back to subversion.

 Most of the migration is mostly done. is the place to peruse current flock code.  If you want to check it out, then svn:// is the URL to checkout.  The fbuild docs have been updated.  There is even a new version of optimized for being used by people with anonymous access to the source code.

We are currently using subversion, though I don’t know how final our setup is, as not that many people have been checking in code yet, so there may still be some changes in our setup.  Times for commits still need to be updated, how we layout are source code is still in flux, getting the right access for people is still being worked out, commit messages still need to be fine tuned.  But we currently are building our tinderbox out of subversion, and changes done by developers are making their way in.



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Some people have asked "what is up?" with  Flock on  Apple Intel Macintosh machines.

First Flock 0.5.12 runs just fine under  Rosetta.  Honestly it runs just about as fast under Rosetta as it does on any other Macintosh.  Also currently, post 0.5.12 code in subversion builds and runs natively on Intel x86.

We do plan to eventually offer Universal binaries.  We will follow Mozilla’s lead on this, after they release, we will use the system that Mozilla is using documented at:  So assuming we have some MacIntel boxes in house dedicated for testing, we will probably have testing builds some time in May 2006.

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