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January 3, 2006

WIP: Jan 3

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Working on the confusion with multiple tips in mercurial.  The problem is not mercurial it is a problem with distributed source control.  We keep having developers who start producing an anonymous branch in their local repository.  Then there is the problem of when does that merge back to the tip on the master repository?  This doesn’t happen automagically because there is no concept of slave and master other than the way we use it.

On thing that is a bug in mercurial is that file removals are not logged.  It is just frustrating to watch your commits dissapear, and bugs reopen.

Also working on the new l10n system with gandalf.  Now we have the overlay of svn and cvs files in $b/flock/l10n, need to have gandalf finish making that work, but locale_set now does what we planned yesterday.

More sysadmin work on our build storage server, should last a few more weeks before it fills up.  Creating a thinning script would help, but we still need more disk space.  We also need a real sysadmin, our problem is that we have a bunch of work for a real unix server guy, but I think only a couple of months of work.  Some day we need to have someone in charge of IT as well.

Anthony took my ugly windows bugs yay.

Still have  bunch of work for the 15th.


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